Pipelines inspections 2022

As we enter the new year, it is worth summarizing what we have achieved in 2022. Undoubtedly, it was a very intense and satisfying time, but it set the bar very high for us.

We have successfully completed inspection activities both in Poland and abroad. The orders in Belgium and Slovakia were carried out at the request of TD Williamson UK LTD.




DN 273 pipeline inspection

Route: 105 km (Waregouse Base 74 Ostrów Wielkopolski – Warehouse Base Wrocław)

Technology: Kalibrak, Korsonic


DN 400 pipeline inspection

Route: 215 km (SF1 Orlen Płock Refinery – Warehouse Base 74 Ostrów Wielkopolski)

Technology: Kalibrak, Korsonic




Inspection of the DN 324 pipeline (Belgian Pipeline Organization, a NATO operator providing aviation fuel for tactical fighter bases)

Route: 35km (4MBD Melsbrock – 4 BCP Beavechain)

Technology: Kalibrak, Korsonic


Inspection of the DN 273 pipeline (Slovnaft, Slovak operator from the MOL capital group)

Route: 69.7 km (Bratislava Refinery – Klaćany Storage Area)

Technology: Korsonic


Pipeline inspection DN 500 (MVL Germany Schwedt)

Route: 2.13 km (F3 Schwedt)

Technology: Kalibrak, Cracksonic

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