About us

The mission of Naftoserwis is to ensure the technical security of the strategic infrastructure.

We are consistently implementing a vision in which Naftoserwis is a professional partner that provides its clients with high-quality specialist services.

Naftoserwis has been operating on the market since 2004 – when we were separated from the structures of the “Naftobazy” company (later: Operator Logistyczny Paliw Płynnych) as an independent entity specializing in the servicing of fuel depot infrastructure. Since 2018, the owner of Naftoserwis is PERN S.A. The core of the team are UDT- and TDT-qualified officers, qualified electricians, automation engineers, mechanics and assemblers.

In December 2018, Naftoserwis took over a company founded in 1998, Centrum Diagnostyki Rurociągów i Aparatury. Diagnostic services are performed using unique devices (smart pistons), designed and constructed directly in this company.

From 2019, Naftoservis also provides cleaning services for oil tanks using the “non man entry” system.

The company employs nearly 170 people. We are characterized by our efficiency, professionalism and attention to safety.

We have been trusted by the largest operators in the fuel industry. We also have experience in foreign projects – carried out in countries such as Belgium, Ecuador, United Arab Emirates.

Naftoserwis Sp. z o.o.